Feedback Pipeline

Reporting and notifications regarding dependencies and sizes of defined RPM installations.

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Fedora Minimization Objective

Minimising the installation footprint of Fedora ecosystem to make it more suitable for modern deployments such as IoT and cloud.

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About Feedback Pipeline

Feedback Pipeline gives a quick overview of the use cases we're targeting to minimise. Showing the required packages, their dependencies, the overall size, and allowing a deeper inspection with interactive dependency graphs.

Focused on use cases

Feedback Pipeline focuses on specific use cases rather than the whole Fedora repositories.


Repositories with tens of thousands of packages are too big to digest at once. Use cases are smaller and easier to work with.


Repositories represent choices that might be overwhelming and hard to see all at once. Use cases are specific, with choices already made.


Repositories are generic, providing packages to multiple (often conflicting) use cases. So choosing specific use cases makes it clear what is required and what is not.

Focusing on specific use cases, with choices already made, and with a clear distinction of what packages are required and which are just dependencies, Feedback Pipeline makes it easier to spot opportunities for minimisation.